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Wrestling DVD'S I Have Appeared In:

Best Of The Pitbulls Vol. 1
Hardcore Homecoming
Forever Hardcore The Documentary
E.C.W One Night Stand 1
ECW One Night Stand 2 The Bonus Disc
The Rise & Fall Of ECW
ECW Bloodiest Matches Ever
3PW's Year End Mayhem
3PW's No Limits
3PW's Till We Meet Again
3PW's Splintered
3PW's Not Enough Time
3PW's The Future Is Now
3PW's 2nd Anniversary Show
3PW's Got Head?
3PW's Su-Su-Superfly
3PW's Ravens Rules
3PW's Thats Incredible
3PW's A New Era
3PW's A Funkin Classic
3PW's Legends Collide
3PW's One Year Anniversary Show
3PW's Year End Mayhem
3PW's Return of the Dream
3PW's A Night for the Flyboy
3PW's This Ones For You
3PW's Babes, Belts & Blood
3PW's A War Renewed
3PW's 3 Men and a Bodybag
PWU's Exit Sandman & Hot Streak
PWU's Crazy 8
PWU's Super Jam Weekend - Night 1
PWU's Pitbull/Public Enemy Memorial Cup